Tutorial How to get LP tokens to use in Farms

Before starting make sure you have some CHT tokens and BNB or BUSD to add to the pancake liquidity.
you can buy them on the pancakeswap exchange.

Go to this link:


or choose Liquidity from menu in cht.finance website

You can top up some of the BNB/BUSD you have and also CHT tokens to add to the pancake liquidity.
So you will get an Lp token

There is no minimum limit, even you are free to add some BNB or CHT tokens to your liquidity.

— — -
You will be asked to confirm via your wallet, wait until the transaction process is complete. If you have finished, you will see Cake LP token in your wallet.

Congratulations, you’ve got Lp tokens and you can farm now with LP tokens to get CHT tokens.

If you have finished farming using LP tokens on our website.
You can withdraw LP tokens in the farm to your wallet and you can withdraw your liquidity funds at Pancakeswap.

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